District Trustees

A special group of North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame (NDCHF) membership is identified as trustees. The NDCHF board of directors may appoint up to 25 trustees within each of the 12 districts across North Dakota and one at-large district (#13) whose membership is comprised of out-of-state individuals having an interest in promoting North Dakota’s rodeo and western heritage. Trustees will coordinate their district meetings as needed; however, the NDCHF will host two meetings of the trustees with the corporation.

The primary duty of trustees is to validate and submit eligible candidates for consideration for induction to the NDCHF Hall of Honorees and to cast the written ballots of approved slate of nominees for NDCHF induction each year. Additional duties include the assistance in the grass roots promotion of the NDCHF through localized events, communication, outreach and fundraisers in coordination with the NDCHF corporate office. Trustees also assist in the establishment of criteria for documenting and validation of records, awards and honors of noted personalities, livestock, events and communities.

Trustee are NDCHF members in-good-standing at Ranch Boss level ($250 annually) or above. Click a district below to identify a trustee in your area.

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Outside North Dakota (District 13)